Moscow: Mexico vs. Germany

This was a tough one. Born in Germany. Love Mexico. Hate the Mexican national team. Like the German team. Hate the Mexican national team. Love salsa…

In the end, we went ‘ full facial’ for Germany….with lederhosen…and got us on Colombian tv. Turns out that oil dried quickly, peeled the skin off my eyes, lasted for three days and was not the best choice in the end.

Back to the game. This game took on epic proportions for our crew as it was split with Mexico fans and German supporters. But, for some it was more personal.

Imagine Stallone vs. Drago in Rocky IV. That was this game for our trip, which was affectionally billed as the “Divorce Game”, pitting Chris Wode and his German roots against his wife and her Mexican heritage. The winner of the game got to pick the name of their unborn baby, and Chris was nonplussed at the prospect of his child being named Javier Vela Wode…although it couldn’t have made us happier to remind him of the possibility. Nonetheless, he was confident in a victory and the resulting name of Chris Dieter, Jr.

This picture gives some insight into the baby’s name…

Wode preparing for Little Chicharito at home.


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