Moscow Day 3: Argentina vs. Iceland

Iceland vs. Argentina

Iceland, the debutantes at the ball, in their first time ever in a World Cup, have brought a huge swath of their fans, and really, their country to support them. Here is their Iceland Viking Clap- their rallying cry, which, by the way, is awesome. Really awesome.

Other that the final, this was the only game that initially sold out, based on the incredible support Iceland had from their fans and from the interest they drew from other countries. We were all in for the Iceland squad, except Fabian…who chose allegiance to South America over his heart.

The Argentines, in their own supporting culture, draped banners all over the stadium: names of players, national themes…I saw a picture of a Golden Retreiver. And crying Argentines after the tie.

The game was at the Spartak Stadium which holds about 35,000 fans and was split pretty evenly between the two teams’ fans. We were in the Iceland section or an Iceland section, which was super fun to be in the middle of the Iceland cheers.

We were close to the field by the touch line, which was great for the first half while Argentina was attacking but we were pretty far from the action in the second half…which didn’t matter much since the Iceland fans were treating a tie as a win, so they were fine with the result.

Our friend’s wife wouldn’t let him go to Russia so we brought him with us…


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