Russia Day 2: FanFest

After our night of building international relations, we wanted to visit the Kremlin to check in on our new-found fame. The Kremlin hadn’t heard about us, nor were we the only tourists in Red Square for lunch.

After lunch, we headed over to the FanFest to watch some of the games. The set-up was incredible with the backdrop of Moscow State and downtown Moscow flanking the big screens.

Great Spain game…and then to a great restaurant that loved the fact that we were supporting Russia in Moscow. Gifts and vodka ensued- the vodka was housemade specialties made from bread, chiles, Ukrainian kids and fruits.

Dinner was at 1:00 AM, and we happened to go back for lunch at the same place at noon. It is the first time I have had dinner and lunch at the same place on the same day. Not lunch and dinner but dinner and lunch. I recommend the former not the latter.


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