Durban and USA-England

We picked up our two new travelers, Dave and Ceara and promptly headed down to the local plaza again for the USA game. We wore our obligatory USA jerseys and were clearly in the minority to the English fans. Most of the local South Africans, while not fervent supports of England, were clearly rooting for them. But, as always, the Irish fans were with us and were screaming out our national anthem- we other groups of Americans in two nearby bars join in and our anthem was pretty loud in this small North Durban city- even the South Africans were cheering afterwards. After the early goal that we allowed, we were optimistic(read: embarrassed) it would settle us down, and we did play better afterwards. The English fans were getting louder and louder but also nervous as they weren’t playing well. After the USA scored, they were not happy but a handful came up and were pretty fun to party with.

After the game ended, loads of people congratulated us on our “good result” and the English thought they were lucky to have a point but were not happy with that goal.

We continuted to party at a local bar and a local family invited us to go fishing with them at 6AM the next day, but we graciously declined.

We were all pretty exhausted and decided to walk back to our hotel for preparations for the Germany/Australia game the following day.


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