We headed down to the fanfest in Durban, which was about a 15 minute drive south of here. Very similar to if it were in Santa Monica- we are in a place that is like Hermosa Beach. The fanfest is an enclosed area on the beach and boardwalk with tents, music, big screens for the games and lots of fans. For some reason, I expected more tourists than locals, but it was 80% locals yesterday, with them all supporting the other African nations in the Cup- yesterday it was Algeria and Ghana. When Ghana scored, the place went crazy- makes our Cameroon-Denmark game that much more appealing. (I think I will root for Cameroon now)

Our travel companion Dave, told us the game was at 4:00, local time, we took the bus down around noon. Turns out we had the 8:30 game. We were nice and early for our game…he has been removed of all time-keeping duties from now on. (Just like Chris has been removed from all parking brake responsibilites after we drove on the freeway with our parking brake on)

The Aussies were en masse and were outnumbering the Germans by about 2:1. Both groups were in full gear. Germans wore flags and face paint, while the Aussies had blow up Kangaroos and Kangaroo hats…pretty funny costumes. The fanfest is about a ten minute walk to the stadium and it was a current of people, songs, and horns- the excitement was incredible.

As we approached the stadium, which is absolutely amazing, you could hear the din of the Vuvuzelas from a mile away. We showed up to the game over an hour before kick-off and it was completely full. Everyone standing, singing and cheering. It was the loudest sporting event I had ever been to and it hadn’t started yet…

The Germans were clinical in that game and destroyed the outclassed Aussies, which dampened their spirits throughout, but the Germans were going strong.

**Transportation- no parking at the stadiums. You have to go to park and rides and shuttle in. After the game, everyone heads to a central transportation hub for busses back to their original parking locations. Took us a good 1.5 hours from the end of the game to get back home…being on our feet all day, we were pretty exhausted but it was an amazing experience.

Off to Imfolozi National Park now for two days of safaris and malaria prevention….can’t wait to see the  Big Five: lions, water buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhinos…

Pictures come soon!


One thought on “Germany-Australia

  1. Have a great time Brian. Word has it on the news that the WC org committee is considering banning the annoying horns. Hope that happens. We can’t hear the crowd at all on the TV.

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