South Africa, here I come. Well, Dubai first for 9 hours…then Jo-Burg.

It’s been 16 years since attending my last World Cup game. That is about to change. After attending 5 games in 1994, the hiatus is over. Off to Dubai today, then down to Jo-burg.

The bags are packed for winter in June. The e-books are loaded. The malaria pills are ready. The Ambien is ready. Am I ready? Not sure. I am in store for a 16 hour flight with a 9 hour layover, followed by another 8 hour flight, followed by another 2 hour layover, culminating in a one hour flight to Durban. I should arrive by the end of the World Cup. Actually, I arrive on the 11th in time to watch the first game between South Africa and Mexico.

We have tickets to the following games:




Argentina-South Korea.

**we may scalp tickets for the Spain Switzerland game or one Portugal game while in Cape Town.

Wine tasting, a safari at Imfolozi National Park( and a shark dive ( are also on the agenda.

I will update this once I get to Dubai…


9 thoughts on “South Africa, here I come. Well, Dubai first for 9 hours…then Jo-Burg.

  1. Very jealous- sounds amazing. I think our AYSO “Team Surf” circa 1982 with your pops and my pops coaching could do some damage in the tourney.

  2. Jeff- your “pops” led the way for color coordinated coaching staffs! Too bad we never found a great shoe sponsor. Brian did, tho. Finally had to pay for his own cleats rcently. Sad how such a talent has gone to seed. These next several weeks will highlite those others with great “wheels!”

  3. how sweet is it that i leave 5 hours after you and get in 2 hours ahead of you…see you on the Jozi-side…i’ll be the guy sleeping over in the corner next to our Durban flight gate…
    Team Ambien

  4. Brian, from Chris’ safe,have fun & leave the sharks alone. enjoy some wine for me. hugs to both you & chris.

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